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Chetak Urbane

Chetak Urbane

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  • TOP SPEED: 73kmph
  • RANGE: 113 Kms in a single charge
  • CHARGING TIME: 4 Hr 50 mins
  • BODY TYPE: Steel Body
  • FOB KEY: Available
  • MODES: Eco & Sports
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Top Speed And Modes

Top Speed: Chetak Urbane can go as fast as 73 kilometres per hour, which is a good speed for city driving and short commutes.

Modes: This vehicle offers two different driving modes: Eco and Sports. In eco mode, the Chetak Urbane operates more efficiently. It's great for everyday driving when you want to save battery power. On the other hand, sports mode provides a bit more excitement, giving you a boost in acceleration and responsiveness. It's perfect when you need a little extra power to tackle hills.

Charging and Range

Range: With a single charge, your Chetak Urbane can travel up to 113 kilometres. This means you can go on longer journeys without worrying too much about running out of battery power. This makes it very suitable for daily commutes or short trips around town.

Charging Time: When it's time to charge, Chetak Urbane takes approximately 4 hours and 50 minutes to reach a full battery from zero. While this may seem like a bit of time, it's relatively quick considering the range it offers. You can conveniently charge it overnight or during the day while you're at work, ensuring you're always ready to hit the road when you need to.

Reverse Mode and Body Type

Reverse Mode: This feature allows Chetak Urbane to move backwards, which is particularly helpful for tasks like parking or moving in tight spaces.

Body Type: The body of this electric vehicle is constructed from steel, a durable and strong material. Its sturdy steel body gives you more confidence about your safety while driving.

FOB Key: Chetak Urbane comes with a FOB key. With the FOB key, you can effortlessly locate your vehicle within a 30-meter radius. This feature provides added convenience, especially in crowded parking lots or busy streets, where finding your vehicle can sometimes be a challenge.